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No matter who you are
We promote blended learning and (offline) e-learning, and create all the tools you need
Empower yourself, empower others
With skills for livelihood, skills for life,
skills for change and sustainability
We promote blended learning and (offline) e-learning, and create all the tools you need
Your courses and Do It Yourself guides
always within reach
We promote blended learning and (offline) e-learning, and create all the tools you need
Courses in handicrafts,
agriculture, water management,
health care, renewable energy,
and much more
We promote blended learning and (offline) e-learning, and create all the tools you need
For all ages
For all ambitions
We promote blended learning and (offline) e-learning, and create all the tools you need
We promote blended learning and (offline) e-learning, and create all the tools you need We promote blended learning and (offline) e-learning, and create all the tools you need We promote blended learning and (offline) e-learning, and create all the tools you need

“It works best when it’s collaborative, and open and transparent, rather than closed and proprietary. And the benefits come when more and more people join the network and each of us contributes our talents, which benefits the network and then benefits us. It’s designed to be laterally scaled, not vertically integrated.” – Jeremy Rifkin (on the internet of things & sustainable economy)

We want to share knowledge

SkillEd is an organization that aims to enable learning that is self-empowering, beyond the limitations of traditional educational methods, and beyond the reach of the Internet. We create tools and forge partnerships that make knowledge travel far and beyond.

SkillEd works with dedication towards improving people’s lives, creating access to life-changing knowledge by offering innovative and high-quality technology-enhanced tools and networks.

We make practical knowledge usable and available where it is most needed and wanted, regardless of limiting factors like low connectivity, limited availability of computing devices, governmental restrictions or degree of literacy.


Together with SkillEd, African Clean Energy, SEMiLLA sanitation and Ghetto Smart, WUR and Outside Inc build an alliance to foster the development of circular refugee camps.
Euro Afrilink and SkillEd are jointly developing projects and approaches in Africa, in which we aim to upgrade smallholder farmers in different value chains, through the use of blended extension services.
Aflatoun International is an NGO based in the Netherlands offering social and financial education to children and young people worldwide. Through a strong network of 275 partners and 35 governments the organisation reaches 8.6 million children and young people each year in more than 100 countries.
MDF Global B.V. is part of the MDF Training & Consultancy Group, which has nearly 30 years of experience. MDF Global B.V. provides training and consultancy services to a wide range of organizations to enable them to achieve sustainable results that matter for a better world.
iDE is a global effort that spans offices in 14 countries, encompassing 4 social enterprises, employing over 1,000 people directly, and indirectly enabling many more through our market-based approaches in agriculture; water, sanitation, and hygiene; and finance.
The Farmer Support Group in KZN and Sabela Leadership and Development Initiative have partnered with SkillEd to strengthen the capacity of female-dominated smallholder farmer groups to access useful agricultural information, share and exchange knowledge about production using mobile phones.
VGOV is an NGO based in Suriname, South America. The organisation works in rural areas and its main goal is to use education as an instrument of development to support people in rural areas, especially school dropouts with a focus on teenage mothers.

We want to bundle expertise

and work closely together with partners to:


create the tools that are really needed


co-create open source course material and knowledge databases


be able to get the tools and contents where they are needed

Interested in co-developing e-learning tools that will cover your specific needs? Want to do a pilot with us, share knowledge or get involved in other ways? We’re always happy to have a chat.

Our e-learning platform, tools and contents are optimized for use in remote areas, developing countries, disaster areas and conflict zones

What others say about SkillEd

Roeland Monasch, CEO at Aflatoun:
SkillEd provides Aflatoun International with a digital platform that allows for flexible use, including local adaptation and contextualization of our digital content to our 200+ partners in 100+ countries

Temitayo Apanishile, graduating student marketing, branding and advertising in The Netherlands/Nigeria:
The concept of Skilled as a blended learning organisation works; what’s more, it is quite relevant especially for countries in Africa, like Nigeria.

Bena Kyengo, CEO at Mazingira and Ghetto Smart in The Netherlands/Kenya:
A very useful tool for bringing knowledge to people with limited or no internet connection.

Annewies Kuipers, Facilitator Innovation at Partos (= Dutch network of development organizations):
Great solution to support people wanting to learn and make a better life. Online and offline so possible for people in remote areas!

Richard Yeboah, Regional Director West Africa at MDF Training & Consultancy:
We have been working with SkillEd since its inception. The team at SkillEd are always ready to provide technical support to enable us to provide blended learning solutions in remote areas

Sjef Ernes, CEO van AquaforAll
Aqua for all strongly advocates the use of simple but very effective tools like Skilled provides. They are efficient and effective, in costs and meet the need for a permanent up to date requirement. Capacity building is the key element in Development Cooperation and this business adds value.

Pauline Wanja, CEO at FutureFirst Kenya:
A great tool to support cross learning . We are hoping to use the tool to connect young people with retired people for learning and apprenticeship purpose.

Other Solutions

Nowadays there are several interesting solutions on the market to share knowledge in remote areas, which is a great development! As many organizations are conscious of these developments, we often get the question what makes SkillEd different.

Reaching remote areas and people with no access to education is our first priority, and for that matter we don’t integrate (elements of) existing solutions where the priorities are different and would not work optimally, but build from scratch in close collaboration with our partners. This means that as partner organization you can have great influence on the development of our products, and prioritization of features.

But the most important difference is the fact that we seek to create a central open platform and to create a network of collaborating organizations. Most existing solutions are closed and used in isolated, single projects. As many organizations have the same intents and needs, we want to bring things together and stimulate open sharing and collaboration. This can reduce investment needs (time and money wise) and at the same time improve quality of knowledge and overall impact.

Where single applications can create small knowledge islands, we aim for a large knowledge and course database that can be used by everyone, everywhere.

We don’t want to be just a provider of applications, but search for solutions and collaborations on many levels, and create hardware, software and contents that improve efficiency and sustainability of development aid and education in general.