Co-founder – Architecture and Technical Operations

Erik van Elderen started programming in the 80’s when he got his hands on an Apple IIe, had a taste of development work on Wageningen University, did some entrepreneurship courses, and had a year long flirt with education.

He taught himself web development to get the freedom to live anywhere he would feel drawn to, and started a family and his own business in the North Swedish wilderness where bears, moose and wolverines were his closest neighbors.

After living quite isolated for 8 years, surrounded by beautiful mountains, snow and darkness, he got seduced by the Mediterranean sun – and so did his wife. So they packed their old car with brand new daughters, cats and laptops to move on to Portugal. It’s here where the roots of SkillEd lie, thought up together with Guus, with the platform ideas based on a prototype Erik built to learn the Portuguese language. Now, four years later, Erik and his family live in New Zealand.

Erik is driven by his passion for thinking solutions and his fun with tinkering, prototyping and building things, and besides that, he likes social work, music, running and sitting under trees.

erik van elderen