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About iDE

iDE is a global effort that spans offices in 14 countries, encompassing 4 social enterprises, employing over 1,000 people directly, and indirectly enabling many more through our market-based approaches in agriculture; water, sanitation, and hygiene; and finance.

About iDE Honduras

Since 2010, iDE has been accelerating the income growth of family farm businesses in Honduras through access to climate-smart irrigation technology and advice.

With iDE we will pilot a course and e-learning solution for farmers in Honduras. The course will consist of 8 modules, ranging from installation and maintenance of low pressure drip irrigation systems, good agricultural practices and soil conservation to water governance and entrepreneurship.

Increase the availability and quality of food at family level, through the production and introduction of micro-irrigation innovations by low pressure drip in the family gardens to be established.

Specific objectives are:

  • Establish at the field level low pressure irrigation systems with 2000 families under a technical strengthening process that guarantees the productive sustainability of the participating families
  • Contribute to the availability of food through the provision of seeds of vegetables, fruit trees, vegetative material and the inputs (fertilizers) necessary to promote family farming as a fundamental pillar of nutrition.
  • Contribute to strengthen the knowledge of families, through training to generate skills and competencies, providing technical assistance to improve their methods of production and use of water through conservation agriculture.

In 2018 it is planned to introduce 2000 supplementary families to micro-irrigation and family farming. To guarantee the success of this third phase, we will have the support in the field of the iDE and PRINES technicians (rural advisers) to train the families, themselves trained thanks to the “SkillEd” platform.

Presentation of the methodology

To improve the nutrition of the families, and also to have the possibility of generating some profit, low pressure “family” drip irrigation systems will be installed, which can be operated from an elevated reservoir to only 1.7m.
To guarantee the success of the installation of the kits, the sowing, and the monitoring of the crops, a very precise chain of advice will be followed:

  1. The technicians selected by iDE will have to be trained with the training modules described below, and also learn from the strategy of iDE and EmprendeSur.
  2. Then they will have to identify the PRINES, which are rural advisors living in the communities served (the criteria for selecting the PRINES are detailed below). Each community will have at least one PRINES that will be in communication with the technician to support him in the installation of the systems, inform him of the state of the family gardens or transmit any query from the families. Then the PRINES will be the reference person so that the technician can follow up the families without having to personally go there. The PRINES will have access to the information available on the Skill-Ed platform so that it can be trained in the same way as the technician.
  3. The PRINES will be in charge of the selection and identification of the families, since it lives in the selected communities and has good knowledge of the families (the selection criteria of the families are detailed below).