Leaders of Leaders


LoL Africa

LOL (Leaders of Leaders) Africa, a project of Bluvard Education Initiative in collaboration with SkillEd, is a virtual leadership accelerator boot camp. It is designed to equip young aspiring leaders, activists, and impact entrepreneurs across Africa to lead and effect change in their communities.

The challenge

Africa has the highest youth population in the world. In Sub-Saharan Africa, 70% are younger than 30. This high number of young people is a great chance for the growth of the continent – but only if the upcoming generations are equipped with relevant skills and empowered to realise their best potential.

The project

The LoL program, which started in July 2023, is divided into two parts. First, the selected group of 20 participants attend a virtual training session through the SkillEd platform and a fieldwork community-based project. They are trained by renowned experts on various leadership frameworks, sustainable development, strategies for leading change, leading movements in the African context and becoming an impact-driven entrepreneur. Afterwards, fellows conduct community-based projects focused on equipping other young people with practical leadership skills and frameworks using the Bluvard Leadership course on SkillEd.


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