Project Update from the Mekong Salt Lab


Project Update from the Mekong Salt Lab

The Mekong Salt Lab project in the Vietnamese province of Tra Vinh is making progress. While the SkillEd team is working on blended training courses on how to deal with salinity in agriculture, some of our partners have already implemented a wide range of smart measures to reduce the impact of salinity on farmers.

One important measure was the installation of the first water purification system by Saxion International Water Technology and a team from Tra Vinh University. The system purifies collected rainwater into drinking water. This reduces groundwater consumption and increases self-sufficiency in drinking water.


The Mekong Salt Lab project addresses one of the biggest challenges in the Mekong Delta: salinity.


As salty seawater seeps deeper into the land every year, the future of the coastal provinces and the livelihoods of millions of farmers are at stake.


With multidisciplinary approaches and technologies, sustainable soil and water management and education, we can make a difference. You can read more about the project here: