Water management training


Water management training

In Mozambique clean water is scarce. Around half of the 33 million Mozambicans miss access to improved water supply.


Especially in rural areas, surface water is often the only drinking source and can be found only far away from the villages. The fact that the water is often contaminated leads to many waterborne illnesses. It also means that people, mostly women and kids, must carry heavy water containers for hours every day – time they lack to do other work or to go to school. Growing crops becomes difficult, breaking out of the cycle of poverty becomes almost impossible. The effects of climate change are worsening water security even more.


The Blue Deal, funded by the Dutch government, is a long-term collaboration of the Dutch water boards with water boards in 14 countries worldwide, one of them is Mozambique. There the focus lies on drinking water as well as on productive water for small scale farmers.  To establish effective water management and to improve operational work processes, the program trains Mozambican professionals.


The training will be done offline and online with the help of blended learning courses, developed in collaboration by the local partners, Stichting Wateropleidingen and SkillEd.


More info in dutch:  click here (nwbfonds.nl)