SkillEd, what makes the difference ?

There are several points that make SkillEd different from other platforms. The most important ones are:

1. Open and Free

The functionalities to share and build knowledge with others are available for free to everyone, and everything is done to make it as accessible as possible.
Accessible means: light-weight, easy to use, no fees, mobile-first approach & multi platform, extended internet independent functionality.

For organizations and companies with specific needs we also offer paid services. This can range from tailor-made functionalities, classroom tools and extended communication tools, to developing course contents or hardware solutions – like for instance solar powered micro servers that can serve the platform with full functionality in remote areas without power and Internet.

2. Focus on and optimized for worldwide collaboration

As the main goal of SkillEd is to make as much as possible important knowledge available to the world, the platform is optimized to stimulate collaboration, and it will be easy to adapt existing courses to make them useful in other contexts: you may take an existing course and translate it, or change some contents to make it more fitting to a different geographical area or setting.

Such derivations will be added to our databases and the user will see which course was used as origin, and what kind of changes were made.

Further, we want to make the platform inviting to all kind of experts to share their knowledge, and have open discussions about it. Users will be able to search for experts, or for other people that share their interests.

3. Internet independent

Many functionalities will be internet independent. Following and sharing of courses can be done without any use of the internet. Bluetooth, WiFi, sd-cards etc can be used to exchange courses and applications. Creation of courses, student administration and collaboration could all be made internet independent as well, by using a micro-server.

We think this possibility is important to reach people in remote areas, or to get material to people who can’t safely use the internet (human rights workers for example)

4. Focus on knowledge that can save lives, improve life quality and achieve sustainability and self-reliance

Simple tools and knowledge can improve the lives of billions. Scientific courses and fun courses can and may be created on SkillEd, but we will focus on basic skills in agriculture, water & waste management, disaster management, health, (vocational) education, renewable energy, and construction.

Practically this means that we will create partnerships with organizations that have such knowledge, connect to their databases, create courses on these subjects ourselves, and make them easiest to find.

5. Social functions

Social platforms are popular. And with a reason.

We want to combine social with practical, knowledge with interaction, working with friendship.
That’s why we want to add extended social functions to our platform.

From your account you can search for co-workers, experts, friends, based on tags.
You can send messages, chat, blog, create ‘knowledge collections’ etc, and share it with whomever you like.

Learning and sharing should be fun. Learning and sharing should be interactive and social. And SkillEd will provide for that.

6. SkillEd is an organization

That means that all income we generate with our products and services will be used to serve our vision of sharing knowledge and bringing about sustainable change !

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