App launch: New VeggieTap for home gardeners and farmers

We are happy to announce our latest app launch: VeggieTap is now available in the Google Play Store.

Improving school education

Improving school education Malawi, a landlocked country in South-Eastern Africa, is one of the world’s least developed countries, ranking 170 out of 188 on the Human Development Index. Over 79 per cent of the around 20 million inhabitants live in…

First success for training program in Malawi

First success for training program in Malawi

Now available in Vietnamese: Course “Saline Agriculture”

Now available in Vietnamese: Course “Saline Agriculture”

UAC Start Up Valley

The Start Up Valley is a program initiated by the University of Abomey-Calvi (UAC) in Benin in 2014. The main missions are to support university graduates starting innovative companies and to reduce the unemployment rate of university graduates. They use…

SEMiLLA Sanitation

SEMiLLA IPStar is technology transfer partner and member of the MELiSSA Space research consortium. Semilla Sanitation is one of several important partners in the Circular Refugee Camp project.

Resilience BV

Connecting bright minds to develop innovative solutions for the strengthening of global food and water security. Among other things, we developed a blended training course with Resilience BV for professionals from NGOs and the ARA-Centres in Mozambique to promote dialogue…

Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP)

NWP, with headquarters in Den Hague, is a network of around 180 Dutch water organisations, working worldwide on co-creating future-proof solutions and catalysing global water impact. SkillEd and NWP collaborate on projects in Uganda and Vietnam.

Land Water Food

Land Water Food aims for structural improvement and resilience of food production with a sustainable use of soil, water, and nutrients. In Vietnam Land Water Food and SkillEd collaborate, together with other partners, on a project about saline agriculture.

Koppert Foundation

The Koppert Foundation offers solutions and educational opportunities that have a positive impact on social, economic, environmental and health circumstances. In collaboration with The Kopper Foundation and Feedback to the Future we develop blended training courses about food forestry for…