A versatile and lightweight
e-learning solution
Ideal for areas with slow Internet,
or no Internet at all
We promote blended learning and (offline) e-learning, and create all the tools you need

With SkillEd you can:


follow and create courses


easily adapt existing courses to personal needs or to specific user groups: change language, geographical context etc


create an environment to teach and collaborate


collaborate with other organizations

All in an environment optimized for :

  • mobile devices
  • slow internet

you don’t even need internet to share courses!

Use Bluetooth or SD-cards in situations where internet is unsafe or not available.

The meaning of Offline

It is “hip” to build applications that can be used offline as well. And for a reason! Users want to have a smooth experience with their apps, also when the Internet connection gets interrupted.

But Offline is a relative term, and mostly just means you can still use your application, but with limited functionality.

Offline web application

To run a web application offline, you need to have internet at least once to download the application. When an application is really optimized for offline use it mostly also means you can still use interactive functions like sending messages or images as if you were online. The sending will then happen in the background when your device gets Internet access again. The better your app is optimized, the less you will notice you are offline!

Offline Android application

A native app for a smart phone or tablet that runs Android could also be installed without Internet. The app could be shared via SD card or bluetooth for example.

A native app can have functionalities that are not possible in web applications, and may be especially useful in offline situations.

Offline with “micro server”

Web applications and files can also be made available to small groups of people using a mini computer (can be as small as a flash drive!) that functions as a web server. No Internet is needed, and file or application sharing will go faster and easier than going around with a SD card or connect your phone one by one to all the phones of the individual students / groups members.

Furthermore, an admin area could be created for the teacher, and students could send their work to this little server where the teacher can access it. All without Internet. You could even run it on a tiny battery that you charge with a solar panel – full functionality anywhere indeed!

SkillEd’s approach to Offline

Very simple and short, we aim for as much functionality as possible, anywhere (which includes areas without Internet access and without power grid). We are searching for the best implementation of the above mentioned solutions, and for the best ways to combine them.