From Ground Pollution to Food Solutions in Uganda


From Ground Pollution to Food Solutions in Uganda

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How can wastewater be turned into valuable products to grow fruit trees and vegetables?


That was the key question for the Circular Refugee Camp (CRC) consortium, consisting of SEMiLLA Sanitation, SkillEd, and two local companies.


About a year ago, they won the Water for Food proposal with their circular concept – also referred to as the Closed Loop Concept or CLC.


This meant they received financial support for their project from the Water for Food Programme, which is initiated by the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) and financed by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature, and Food Quality. The Programme stimulates and facilitates the Dutch water sector and agrifood partners to develop high-potential, sustainable, and bankable business cases in the water-agrifood nexus to improve food security.


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