Project update from the Imvepi Refugee Settlement/Uganda


Last week Guus Paardekooper (SkillEd) and Peter Scheer (Semilla Sanitation), founding members of the Circular Refugee Camps (CRC) consortium, visited Imvepi Refugee Settlement in Uganda. Together with the local community, they discussed the project “Waste to clean Air” that will close the loop by turning human waste into clean water, compost, and biogas.


Due to several delays (among others Covid 19, heavy rains and hard rocks) the installation of the biodigester isn’t finished yet. In the moment the project is expected to be up-and-running in May 2023.


SkillEd and Semilla Sanitation work on that project in collaboration with Nijhuis Saur Industries, HS Green Energy, Biogas Solutions Uganda Ltd. (BSUL), Cordaid, Caritas and Muni University.


Read more about the project here